WATCH: Rick Perry UNLEASHES BOMBSHELL On Khizr Khan: ‘Shame on You’

Look hard enough, and you’ll still find Muslim DNC speaker Khizr Khan in the news. In what was one of the most memorable speeches of the night, Khan raised a copy of the Constitution, inviting Trump to read the document himself.

To be honest, I wonder if any politician has read the Constitution, not just Trump. Regardless, in the past Khan had written that the Constitution should be second to Islamic/Sharia law so… one can’t help but wonder why he’s using the constitution in an attempt to shame Trump.

Before Khan spoke, the Democrats showed a two-minute video in which Hillary Clinton told the story of their deceased (military) son. Yes, it was carefully scripted. Yes, it played on emotion with the images and music. But it is an emotional story. It was carefully crafted to produce the media narrative they wanted.

And it worked. The media coverage of Khan dwarfed coverage of Benghazi mom Patricia Smith’s speech.

Now, Khan is back in the news, and not for the reason he wants. Rick Perry unleashed on him, and it isn’t pretty.

Via UsHerald

Perry unleashed a frontal assault that left the hapless anchor speechless when he attempted to use Perry’s military experience as a wedge issue against Trump’s response to Gold Star father Khizr Khan.

Perry in response to Tapper’s obvious attempt to corner the former Texas Governor responded; “Mr. Khan is the one who struck the first blow. In a campaign if you’re going to go out and think that you can take a shot at somebody and not have incoming coming back at you, shame on you.”

Perry continued the assault, saying; “Because he had a son that was lost in this war on terror, that gives him a free ride to say whatever he would like against a candidate he does not like? That’s not proper. That’s not correct.”

Perry also took issue at how the DNC used the Khan family to attack Trump, with perhaps the knowledge that Trump would respond in kind, in that Khan went out of his way to personally demean Trump, holding up a copy of the Constitution, ironically Capt. Humayun Khan was killed by perhaps the same people who Khan supports, in that he’s a supporter of both Sharia Law, and the Muslim Brotherhood…”go figure.”

He’s right. Trump was hounded for his criticism of the Khan family, but it was they who provoked his retaliation. My only regret with Trump’s response is that it gave the media an excuse to obsess even more over the speech.

And by the way, the DNC was last month. Isn’t it time the liberal media finds something else to attack Trump over?

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