It seems the Grinch has stolen Christmas early in one state, and the Grinch in this story is the Massachusetts school board.

Apparently, ONE family made ONE complaint to the Marshfield school district regarding the term ‘Christmas Break,’ and the school board approved the name change to ‘Holiday Break.’

This, however, has not set well with parents, teachers, and religious leaders who took to the Marshfield auditorium to voice their disagreement. After gathering 4,000 signatures on a petition to go back to the original phrasing, the school board voted to keep the change they made back in September.

The school officials said that the change was in the best interest of the students and the town. In whose best interests is this good for? It seems that 4,000 people in the town are not happy with the change, so it does not seem to be in the best interest of them. One family complains that they are offended by the name of a break and everyone must now comply with their wishes. Isn’t this what is wrong with the world today?

This is the Christmas season, and for at least 4,000 people in that town, it is not a ‘Holiday Break.’ It is their ‘Christmas Break.’ If one person did not like the name given to the time off, that person could have called it whatever they wanted. Rather, in an attempt to please one, you disappoint 4,000. Furthermore, taking Christ out of everything in this country is exactly the reason we are seeing so many issues today. How can we expect Him to bless our great nation if we are continually erasing Him altogether?

Tell us what you think? Should the school board change the name back?

Courtesy of Mad World News

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