(From mad World News) With panic regarding Ebola rapidly spreading, you’d think it would be more than common sense at this point to deal with those infected with the utmost attention to detail, but apparently that’s not the case. In fact, one recent photo has gone to show exactly why Ebola could be a much bigger problem than we initially thought.

As Mad World News has reported, the nurse, Amber Joy Vinson, responsible for caring for the first man in the United States to have Ebola has caught the virus herself. In an effort of minimizing the potential spread of the infection, the CDC has taken over and have recently taken her to Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

News crews were on the scene as the CDC assisted the woman when boarding the plane, but they managed to catch something a little more than unnerving. With the many members of the CDC (white) and the nurse (yellow) wearing protective gear, there was also an unidentified man with absolutely no protective gear on.Capture

It appears as though the man is dressed in EMT attire, but there is no way to tell for certain. His presence has ruffled quite a few feathers. Needless to say, after the video was put on national television, the twittersphere erupted with those pointing out the serious oversight.

Given how serious Ebola has turned out to be – despite both the head of the CDC as well as Obama himself falsely reassuring the American people – should more of those involved be a bit more diligent? If not for themselves then for the greater good of others?

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