From Mad World News: The cast of Saturday Night Live generally sticks to mocking conservatives when it comes to political skits, but occasionally they’ll turn on their own. When they do, it’s hilarious.

During last night’s show, the Weekend Update skit included a segment on Obama’s current approval rating, mocking just how unpopular the President currently is, and they didn’t really hold back too much.

The segment starts with Kenan Thompson coming out and singing parts of “Ooh Child,” while anchor Michael Che takes jabs at the President.

“We just want to take a minute to say, ‘cheer up President Obama, because no matter how hard things seem right now, things are gonna get easier,’”  Che said.

The other anchor, Colin Jost takes a quick shot at McCain and using Benghazi as his “safe word,” then Che tears into Obama being so unpopular that even liberal Democrats have been doing everything they can to distance themselves from him.

“Plus, if you had a better approval rating, you’d have to be all over the country campaigning for other Democrats. But they don’t want you anywhere near them now,” he said. “So why don’t you just skip the campaign tour and hit up the ‘On the Run’ tour with the real first family, Jay-Z and Beyonce.”

Throughout the whole segment, Thompson changes the lyrics of “Ooh Child” to reflect the jabs being taken at Obama, and after a few swipes at Bush and the Republicans they finished out by noting that he’ll never be remembered like Reagan has been, but he should be happy with what he gets.

Again, it’s not often these guys will turn on their own in such a manner, but when they do it’s hilarious. And while it’s fun to watch liberals eat their own, the reality is that if the SNL crew is pointing out that Obama is so unpopular then you know things are bad.

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