WATCH: SNL Calls Hillary A ‘STONE COLD BITCH’ In Hilarious Sketch

First off, I still think Saturday Night Live is funny occasionally. But not very often. They have done a skit on the third debate. It wasn’t as funny as the second and I just want to say: a) Alec Baldwin does not look, sound or act like Donald Trump. He’s also not aging well at all. Probably because he is at his core, a very nasty person. b) Most of the skit soft-pedaled Hillary Clinton… but at the end, they did tell the truth and it was even funny… she’s a stone cold b*tch. And she will certainly be that all the way if she becomes president.

I think the skit was highly unfair to Trump. They portray him as a moron, which he is not. They also parody that he is a racist and a misogynist, which I have not seen any indication of. Yes, there are the sexual charges… but there is no proof they are true yet. There is however lots of proof that Clinton is the most corrupt politician of our lifetime and a criminal par excellence.

From Clash Daily:

Help us out here. The Left can call her that and it’s funny. But when a Republican does it’s sexist?

Anyway, here’s the clip.

We weighed on this before. Bitch is a title to be proud of … when it suits you. It’s proof of sexism when you can get some mileage out of that.

How you can be a ‘powerful’ and ‘indomitable’ ‘victim’ is anybody’s guess. You probably need a degree in women’s gender studies to ‘understand’ it.

I did enjoy where Tom Hanks hit Clinton on never ever talking about her emails no matter what. She does indeed ‘pivot’ and avoid all discussion of the topic. That’s because she’s guilty and she knows it. As for Trump calling her a nasty woman… well duh! She is. They don’t come any nastier than this woman.

SNL quipped that you can either vote for the Republican or Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is nowhere near being a Republican. Never has been. She’s a communist.

While the skit was amusing, it was more offensive than fun. I enjoyed Tom Hanks, even though I suspect he is a leftist. But picking Alec Baldwin to portray Trump is just disgusting and frankly not even close to Trump’s persona. Alec Baldwin is a caricature himself and talk about a misogynist… just ask his ex-wife and daughter. Points though for calling Hillary what she is… a stone cold b*tch.

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