(The Blaze) “Saturday Night Live” roasted the Obama administration’s response to the Ebola crisis Saturday evening, and it was brutal.

Fake President Barack Obama’s take on how his administration has handled the Ebola outbreak:

It was nowhere near as bad as how we handled the ISIS [Islamic State] situation. I mean, our various Secret Service mishaps, or the scandals of the IRS and NSA. And I don’t know if you guys remember, but the Obamacare website had some pretty serious problems too. In fact, if you look at all the stuff that’s happened my second term, this whole Ebola thing is probably one of my greatest accomplishments!

Then journalists peppered the unprepared Ebola czar “Ron Klain” with pressing questions, and “Al Sharpton” showed up to tell New York’s people, ”pigeons, rats and sewer monsters” to go about their daily lives without fear because the Big Apple has always been home to gross diseases.

“If you worry that some parts of New York are contaminated, you’re wrong,” he quipped. “All of New York is contaminated all the time.”




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