WATCH: South Park is Back And JUST LEVELED Colin Kaepernick, WOW!

The creators of South Park are Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and boy did they nail it this time. What is actually awesome about these two creators is that they don’t pick sides. Ever. They don’t engage in all the stupid that is going on. They just make fun of it.

Also, you can bet, if it’s something to do with being politically correct, these two will definitely be making it the star of their show.

Like what they are about to show for their season premiere. It is said to come out mocking both Colin Kaepernick AND one of my favorite ‘movements’ to hate, Blacklivesmatter.

Of course, you have to hand it to them. This is a pretty risky move to take, as it will be going out to a lot of their fan base that will most likely be offended by this. However, that just proves that no matter what, they are not a politically correct show, and that’s why you know their humor…is just that. Humor.

However, in this case…it’s also the truth. But hey..depends who’s watching right?

Here’s just a teaser clip…trust me, it’s enough to make you get out of your seat and give the BIGGEST fist pump you have ever done in your life.

You hear that? That glorious sound is the sound of truth CUTTING where it lands. In this case…that would be comedy central tv.

TWO huge racist pains in the ass…hit with one hilariously accurate bat for a home run! Nothing says… ‘YOU FOOL!’ like a cartoon all about your foolish ways. Right?

Somedays I just want to give Blacklivesmatter and people like Kaepernick what they want. Go ahead put them somewhere, where there are no cops. Somewhere that they can have a land with no police officers enforcing the law, and serving to protect the people. Then just wait…and let the problem fix itself.

They will either implode on themselves for obvious reasons, or they will come to their damn senses and stop being idiots.

Either way… we don’t have to deal with the nonsense, so yay for us.

Kaepernick disrespects our Nation’s warriors, and that makes him a total douche. Blacklivesmatter disrespects, hates, and kills our Nation’s Police Officers…they are absolute a-holes.

How can anyone in their right mind insult, threaten, and harm another person who rushes into a situation knowing they could die but do it anyway for the better of their country and people?

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