WATCH: How To Stop Thieves From Stealing Your Trump Sign (VIDEO)

This election, despite the media constantly warning us about Trump’s supposedly violent rhetoric, which we’re supposed to believe is inciting violence, all the violence has been in one direction this election. Against Trump and his supporters.

It’s Trump whose had nutjobs try to rush – and even assassinate him – at his rallies. It’s Trump whose hotels, and star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame were vandalized. It’s his supporters who are beaten at Trump rallies by liberal agitators. It’s Trump supporters who have their Trump signs ripped from their property or vandalized.

Well, you can prevent it – you just have to get a little creative. As Conservative Outfitters reported, one man had a genius strategy in preventing people from stealing his signs. Watch below:

Not bad.

And there are a few other options for if someone is driving over your signs. All you need is a nail trap.


By the way, want more evidence that all the violence this election is entirely in one direction? Here’s a post that I came across on my Facebook feed the other day that I couldn’t help but laugh at.


This person must be experiencing levels of cognitive dissonance they didn’t know was possible. It’s hardly surprising though, when the media pushes the narrative that Trump is inciting violence, when in reality the opposite is the case.

Defend your Trump signs wisely – and get out and vote this November 8th!


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