WATCH Students Not Allowed to Bring American Flags into Football Game


Guess who hates America!? Looks like there’s a school in Oklahoma who won’t let students bring an American flag to a football game. Isn’t Oklahoma one of those states where football is life?

Fox News – Students at a Tulsa, Oklahoma-area high school are speaking out after they were asked to leave American flags and banners outside before entering last Friday night’s football game.

Owasso High School students brought the items on “USA Night” which was aimed at showing patriotism on the opening night of the season.

A video shared on Snapchat appears to show a student being turned away as he tried to enter the stadium with a small American flag.

Brandon Conrad said the school principal and multiple teachers said it was OK to bring the flags, but the athletic director told them the opposite and instructed officers to enforce the rule.

Great job being un-American! Several authority figures already said it was fine for the student to be proud of his country and enjoy a football game waving the American flag.

I get it. You don’t want him to block people’s view. But I have a very odd feeling this goes deeper than the view of the game. Is the athletic director an extreme leftist? Does he have a thing for the boy in the sense that any chance he gets, he will make the student’s life awful?

Then leave it up to one knucklehead who may or may not swing on the left side of the rope, hanging out in liberal safe zones and crying about censorship and men in the women’s bathroom.

Sounds like the kind of person who wasn’t invited to high school parties because they told everyone how irresponsible they were instead of having fun like the guys in Super Bad.

Let’s be glad the kid didn’t arrive with a flag supporting the opposite team. Or maybe be really glad the kid didn’t show up with the flag that CNN thought was an ISIS flag at a gay pride parade. CNN made a major mistake that day.

isis gay flag

Shows you how clueless people are. Kinda like the man who told officers they had to give this kid some bad news and not let his American flag into the football game.

I’d think an American flag is OK compared to this…


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