WATCH: Terminally Ill Former Miss Wisconsin Shuts Down Trump Haters With Incredible Story

Amid all the Trump assault allegations there are a number of women coming out with personal stories that paint an entirely different picture of Trump that the media does NOT want you to know about. This particular story came out on an interview this weekend on FOX Business.

Former Miss Wisconsin Melissa Young has had a hard life and travelled a long road. Having survived homelessness at a young age she worked hard to make her dreams come true. Melissa’s hard work paid off in 2005 when she won the title of Miss Wisconsin USA. Winning the hearts of her fellow contestants, she then went on to win Miss Congeniality at the Miss USA pageant.

Less than a decade later she and her husband found out that she was pregnant. The pregnancy was difficult and she had some strange symptoms that the doctors disregarded nearly accusing her of making it up. 3 weeks before the due date she passed out and her husband took her to the hospital. Doctors had to induce labor. That’s also when doctors realized she wasn’t making things up. Melissa’s liver and kidneys had shut down from the prolonged suffering and trauma she went into complete autonomic failure. The autonomic nervous system is the part of the brain that controls heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, respiration, digestion and most vital organs. Melissa was devastated that she was unable to care for her first child. Mayo clinic has since explained that it was due to doctor negligence.


The Miss USA of her pageant year found out that she was sick. Between her and Trumps new site they raised thousands of dollars to help pay for Melissa’s new baby’s college education since she wouldn’t reach the age to pay for it herself. Trump didn’t stop there, additionally he sent a personal gift to her in the hospital. But this story isn’t about Trump’s philanthropy… this is about his character.

Melissa appeared on FOX Business to discuss another encounter she had with Donald Trump. She is horrified with the current accusations that are questionable at best since they came out ONLY during October before a Presidential election. Melissa decided that she had to share her story so people could know that Trump is the kind of guy who would literally give you the jacket off his back. Here is the interview:

Young appeared Friday on Fox Business to speak with host Stuart Varney about the slew of allegations lodged against Trump over the past week, sharing her own story as a counter to those trashing the billionaire businessman.
Varney asked Young what she thought of the portrayal of Trump as a sexual predator and whether she believed the women making the allegations against him this late in the presidential race.

“What I’m really asking about is the accusers,” stated Varney. “Yes, it’s opportunistic that they’re coming forward at this point. Do you not believe them?”
“I don’t find it to be credible,” Young replied. “He was nothing but an absolute gentleman. Then in recent days, all the past 11 years, my relationship with Mr. Trump — I’ve had moments alone where I see the greatest man with such a kind heart. Never, ever inappropriate, nothing like that ever.”

“On April 4, he was here at a rally in Wisconsin, in Milwaukee,” she continued. “It was cold. He was leaving the rally. His secret service got him out to the car. They couldn’t stop. He looks over at me and sees I’m freezing cold and goes over and hands his long, black jacket to his secret service to put over me.”

“They put the jacket over my body,” Young recalled. “This is a man who isn’t thinking about his safety in the moment. There’s no cameras around. He was thinking about me. He was being a gentleman.”

“I guess you could say it this way, he gave me the coat off his back,” she added. “That’s the Mr. Trump that I know.”

Ironically, nearly 2 years ago I met the same Donald Trump. He reminded me of a kind Grandpa. I thought he was going to be a jerk but turned out he was very warm and respectful. That was before he was running for President but he knew at the time that I was a Conservative and he spoke openly with us about his concern for America. After hearing how similarly his views match with mine, I really understand his motto “Make America Great Again” and he truly believes he will. I have much hope that he can accomplish what DC politicians can’t.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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