WATCH The BEST Trump Video Of The YEAR! (VIDEO)

Are you ready for the best Donald Trump video of the year? Yes you are! And this video is a reminder to democrats that they’ve just been SHELLACKED like Great White shark pouncing on a slippery seal for dinner.  Wonder how long it takes for someone to say that’s racist because the shark is a “great white” and the seal is black. Well it’s not racist, it’s just that sharks eat seals and sharks don’t play around when they get that little seal in their mouth. They bite hard and draw blood.

Now sit back and enjoy this hilarious Donald Trump Christmas video.

The democrat playbook was exposed and revealed in this video. I noticed it. Did you notice it?  If not, then let me remind you what it’s called: promise everything, deliver nothing. That’s what the democrats are all about. Did you ever notice that extremely poor people in poverty stricken democrat cities always stay poor? Why don’t the democrats build those cities up? Because if those poor people stop being poor, then they wise up and start being republicans. They realize that the democrat party is all a sham. It’s a party who preys on the poor and minority people of our country. When you promise everything to a person who’s as hopeless as Michelle Obama, then they have nothing to lose. Except there’s one problem – they don’t ever have anything to gain.

Democrats keep people poor because they can pander votes from them.

That’s a pretty lousy way to run your party, isn’t it?

How about helping the poor people with job training and teaching them how to make a living instead of giving them handouts courtesy of the working class?

It’s the most wonderful time in eight years.

You got that right!

Party on America, this is going to be a wild ride and we better unite and enjoy it.

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