Watch These Leftists Flipout When Wisconsin’s 10 Presidential Electors Unanimously Vote for Trump

Hillary Clinton just lost the election again. The electoral college in Wisconsin voted unanimously for Donald Trump and the leftists lost their minds again.

That’s all the those soulless sheep ever do is freak out. It’s like someone came up behind them and pulled their wool so hard they had to run around protesting like maniacs.

Their reaction in the video below make them sound like a group of hypnotized leftist sheep making their baaaaaaas in a barn. What a bunch of kooks they are with that monotone outburst made by morons.

The moment that annoying liberal lady, who looks like she hasn’t been touched in years, freaks out is one of the best moments in liberal shame history. If she’s single, then we all know why. No man would ever put up with her. I don’t think a lesbian woman would either.


The bozo democrats chanting “shame” are the ones living in shame. Look at these people. Grown ups acting like the rotten kids at recess who bother everyone like feminists, then are the first kids to cry about it when someone puts them in their place. Sounds like liberals, right?

The leftists have become a sad bunch when their shifty democrat nominee lost TWICE. Face the facts – Hillary Clinton couldn’t beat a man with no experience because people don’t like her. That’s all there is to it.

Can’t they take a loss with some dignity?

IJR – Wisconsin’s 10 presidential electors on Monday cast their ballots unanimously for President-elect Donald Trump, a sign that the Republican’s confirmation as the next president of the United States is likely imminent.

That reality was apparently highly upsetting for a group of anti-Trump demonstrators who disrupted the Wisconsin electors meeting after the ballots were cast.


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