WATCH: This Black Trump Supporter’s ‘Apology’ To Liberals Is HILARIOUS


Donald Trump is officially the President Elect. While that has enraged some it is making many very very happy. The silent majority has spoken. They want Trump. What surprised others is that Trump’s support by minority demographics such as African Americans and Hispanics was far higher than that of McCain and Romney’s in the past. Now, one African American posted a hilarious “apology” video to YouTube and you have to watch it!

The man in the video is Henry Davis and he voted for Donald Trump in this election. News flash, his vid is sarcastic and he is not really apologizing. He opened the video by addressing who he wanted to speak to,

“all of the Trump haters, all of the Hillary Clinton supporters and all of the people who said my Trump was going to lose.”

The best part of listening to minority Trump voters is that it enrages liberals and Democrats. They think they have the corner on the minority vote. They think they own the demographics of women, African Americans, Latinos and the poor. When minorities vote for and show support for conservatives it enflames them. Because they finally realize they are slowly but surely losing control.

The best part of it is that they expose themselves as the intolerant and unaccepting people they really are. Which ironically is the very same thing they accuse conservatives of being. So instead they encourage protests in the street. In reality it is simply a self fulfilling prophesy all of the violence that is going on. They insisted riots would break out if Trump were elected and they are the ones following through with them.

The current state of affairs is nothing more than a disaster of their own making that had been in the making for some time now.