WATCH: This Drunk Man Assault A Flight Attendant, Then Pilot UNLEASHES Hell On HIM! BOOM!

I bet when people purchased their tickets for this American Airlines flight, they had NO idea what they were signing up for.

Neither did this drunk and disorderly passenger that made a complete a-hole of himself. What he didn’t know at the time amid his drunken foolishness was that there was a pilot on board that wasn’t going to let him get away with it.

He literally sprang into action, tackling the drunken man and restraining him in place until authorities could arrive.

Michael Kerr is the drunk’s name and in this video you see him struggling with the flight attendant and the pilot. As with all flights, Kerr was told he needed to buckle his seat belt before the flight could takeoff.

The fool instead attempted to disembark the plane.

When the pilot reinforced by word that Kerr really needed to take a seat and buckle up, Kerr’s reply was less than acceptable.


“No… I don’t want to take a seat,” Kerr slurs back, trying to push through both the flight attendant and the pilot. Eventually, the flight attendant suggests that they close the door of the plane.

“Why? Why are you closing my… exit? I’m trying to help you,” Kerr mumbles nonsensically. The flight attendant tries one more time to cajole Kerr to his seat, but he instead bulldozes through her and knocks her to the floor of the plane.

At that point, the pilot had it with the man and patience hit a wall. He promptly tackled Kerr and hurled him to the ground.

Obviously, this is a pilot with some hidden talents…

He was not going to tolerate Kerr putting his hands on one of his flight attendants and he made it very clear! Finally when Kerr submitted, he found the audacity to threaten the pilot that he would be retaliating later with the stupidest line of the century..

“Whatever you do is going on Facebook! And you are complete losers. Yeah! You heard me right the first time,” he says.

What a numskull…

Well the man was right, the video is on Facebook and now on here for your viewing pleasure. I am certain he didn’t realize then that he was the only one that was going to look like an ass…

Alcohol makes you do some pretty stupid things…

Exhibit A:

I am happy to report…that since this incident, Mr. Kerr has found himself in court and served with charges up the wazoo.

Don’t you love a happy ending?

Yea…me too.

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