Watch this Guy go off on Welfare Leeches Buying Lotto Tickets With Cash (VIDEO)


From Mad World:

After seeing a trio who had just walked through the grocery line and paid for the items in their cart with food stamps, an ordinary shopper was utterly amazed to watch them go over to the lotto machine and buy a few tickets with the cash they had in their pockets. With this not sitting right with him, he wasn’t about to just let it slide. So, he went over to show his disapproval.

Taking place outside of an Acme Grocery store somewhere in Pennsylvania, a man decided to flip on his camera and begin recording before confronting three people putting groceries in their car. Once the clearly irritated man starts talking, his issue becomes clear rather quickly.

“I noticed you bought your groceries with a welfare card but then you used cash to buy lottery tickets,” he starts off saying. Thrown off by the remarks, two of the three people by the car begin questioning the man, one of which hurls obscenities.

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