Watch this Hispanic Officer’s EPIC response to ‘Cops are racist’

From Louder With Crowder

It’s no surprise to regular LwC readers just how ignorant leftists are regarding police officers (see Idiot Chicago Protestor Wants to ‘Defund the Police’…Misses HUGE Irony and Liberal Arby’s Worker Refuses to Serve Police Officer Because…). But this video of them getting in the face of a Hispanic police officer is particularly noteworthy, mainly for his response.

One officer at the demonstration, a Hispanic man who would only offer his last name, Gonzales, told a protester that he took “offense” to the crowd’s chants of “no justice, no peace, no racist-ass police!”

When pressed to answer why, Officer Gonzales simply stated, “It’s ignorance.”

“Excuse me, officer, do you feel like law enforcement is racist?” the officer was asked.

“Well, we got mixed races in there and involved, so yeah, it’s got some race in it,” he replied.

“But were you offended to hear the protestors say that officers are racist?” the cop was pressed.

“That’s just kind of funny,” Gonzales said. “I get it all the time. Then they look at the color of my skin and they say, ‘Aww, I’m sorry.’”

Side note: you idiots know that trying to shut down Donald Trump rallies just makes him more popular, right? I mean, Donald Trump isn’t even my preferred candidate, but every self-respecting American feels compelled to stand up for freedom of speech when it’s so openly and flagrantly attacked. You force even non-Trump supporters to come to his defense. You professional victims/protestors truly are the dumbest among us.

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This also highlights something I’ve discussed on the show quite a few times. Leftists are forced to categorize everybody by a very specific, pre-determined identity. Whether it be by race, sex, wealth or occupation. Because leftism values the collective over the freedom of the individual, the ideology requires this mode of thinking. Okay? Okay.

This is why black (or in this case brown) cops are often left out in the cold. The leftist mantra of “cops are racist” simply can’t account for people like this. People who would probably surprise you by just how much of a percentage they make up of today’s police force. Being from Detroit (and with me home station, WAAM, being based in Detroit), I can tell you first-hand that there is no more dangerous profession for a black man in that city, than being a police officer. They have a target on their back like you wouldn’t believe. A target which is only increased by the hateful rhetoric of today’s “progressive” left.

Officer Gonzales, thanks for being one of the good guys. Some of us out here still appreciate you.

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