No one ever said that you have to be smart to be a criminal. That was recently proven to be the case as three thugs decided to try to rob a local bar at gunpoint. As it turns out, the drinking locale was a frequent hangout for off-duty police, and an ex-cop just happened to be there at the time of the crime.

The incident occurred at about 11 p.m. on Tuesday night in downtown St. Louis, when three thugs walked into Pooh’s Corner – the local bar and police hangout – where at least one of the suspects had a gun. Those who live nearby are in disbelief that anyone would try to rob that particular bar, including Rick Reed. “It’s a place you want to go drinking because when all the cops are sitting there with guns, you feel pretty safe, or I do anyway,” Reed said.

Upon entering the establishment, the three men began demanding everyone get on the floor. The criminal with the gun approached a female customer, age 63, and shot her in the head. She would later die at the hospital.

The heartless, attempted execution prompted another patron – an ex-cop – to brandish his concealed firearm and shoot the killer in the face. From there, a gun fight ensued. In the end, 1 innocent victim died and 5 others were injured — 2 of which were suspects and  3 were customers.

According to Fox St. Louis:

The three other customers who were shot, including the off-duty officer, have non-life threatening injuries. Police also say one suspect was shot in the eye.

The other two suspects fled the scene in a blue Dodge Magnum.

One of the suspects, Derreaun Davis, later showed up to an area hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg, but said that he had been shot at another location. After a bit of pressing, he eventually admitted to being part of the shoot out at Pooh’s Corner.


Police were eventually able to track down the third suspect, Corey Wade, 29. Now, both suspects “face several charges relating to the robbery and assault of the victims,” according to Fox St. Louis. As for the murder of the female patron, “No murder charges have been filed yet, because the victim passed away late in the day, but amended charges are expected against both men.”

What do you think of this? How dumb do you have to be to rob a local police hangout? Feel free to let these morons have it in the comments.


Courtesy of mad World News

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