Watch This Thug Get Tased, Now He’s Suing For Excessive Force! (VIDEO)

WATCH this video of man being tased a police officer as he walks away from the police officer. The video was captured officers body camera. It starts out pretty calm except the guy refuses to answer the police officers questions:

The man in the video, Chardrick Mitchell, and the officer are from Blytheville, Arkansas.

The video was captured by the body camera on the police officer who approached Mitchell outside of an apartment building.

“You know, if she’s living there you can’t stop her from getting her own clothes,” the officer said in the video.

The officer then asked Mitchell for his name and said if he didn’t give him his name, he would be arrested.
Mitchell refused.

When the officer asked his name again, the man appeared to ignore the question, turn around, and walk away. That is when the officer said, “You’re under arrest” then pulled out his Taser gun and tased him in the back.

This reminds me of home. So everyone knows when you’re mom or authority is talking to you, you don’t just turn around and ignore them. If you ignore and turn your back… you know for sure mom is going to get the spoon and whip you (in this case it was the police officer and a taser). I can see why they use tasers… it’s a much easier decision for police to just stop the belligerance where it stands with harmless volts of electricity. I’m betting this poor guy is just being harassed by his ex and he probably was turning around to open the door… maybe. But he really should have used his best manners and informed the police officer what his next move would be. Common sense… move slow and follow directions. Not fun.

The man was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing government operations, and failure to submit to arrest.

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