WATCH: Thug Gets What’s Coming To Him When He Tries To Sucker Punch a Badass 7-11 Clerk

I believe this happened in California somewhere… probably Los Angeles. A big ole guy who looks to me as if he’s a gang banger and looking for a fight, confronted a much smaller 7-11 clerk. You only have video… there is no audio, but the conversation gives you great clues on where it is going.

Everything started out calmly and then the big, bald guy starts posturing. He eventually stops as if contemplating something, but you can tell by his body language he’s going to sucker punch the guy. Sure enough, he tries… but the clerk saw the telegraphed move. He hit the big guy instead and beat the crap out of him.

The clerk has great moves. Too bad he wasn’t armed. But in this instance, he didn’t need it. He knocked the guy out cold and he stayed down. I did not see him get back up. People just stepped around his hulk on the floor. I’m sure the big guy thought he could take out the clerk easily. Things rarely work out the way we think they will. He found that out the hard way evidently.

From US Herald:

However as this brief video clip illustrates violent thugs aren’t confined to just harassing police, those out there providing everyday consumer services are also being assaulted or in this particular instance attempted assault.

The silent surveillance video captures a 7/11 store and a fairly large bald-headed individual apparently behind a counter, bad-mouthing a much smaller and lighter 7/11 clerk, the bald-headed individual seems to be getting a lot more animated and aggressive, waving his arms and seemingly more menacing towards the clerk who is standing directly in front of the aggressive individual, who appears at one point to actually spit in the face of the clerk.

The clerk does not respond as the bald-headed man momentarily looks away and then attempts a surprise “sucker-punch”. However the surprise comes from the docile clerk who instantly blocks the punch, and turns into an aggressive attacker throwing punches and knocking the bigger man down, pouncing on him while raining down punches on the hapless fool and knocking him out cold.

You can’t judge a book by its cover. This clerk is a serious badass. The clerk then seems to go back to work without a care in the world. I hope that the guy on the floor doesn’t bring back his friends with guns to finish this fight. I also don’t know if he called the police. Again, I would hope so.

The thug is lucky he only got pummeled and the clerk didn’t have a gun. It could have been his last sucker punch. I wouldn’t blame that clerk in the least either.

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