A thug was recently caught on video doing the unimaginable to a mother carrying her baby in order to simply steal her cell phone. Police have since launched an investigation into the matter, after seeing the man drop kick the woman with a baby strapped to her chest to make a quick buck.

According to Live Leak:

Surveillance video showed the man watch the 24-year-old mother as she walked past him talking on her cell phone. Her 3-month-old baby was strapped to her chest at the time of the attack.

Police say the man ran after her and drop-kicked her with a running start from behind, causing the woman and the baby to tumble forward to the ground.

The man was then seen grabbing the woman’s cell phone before quickly running away. The woman and child were both taken to nearby Jacobi Hospital and treated for minor injuries before being released.

Police have yet to make an arrest but recently released a mugshot of a teen they’re looking for. As Rare reports:

New York Police have released a mugshot [of] the suspect, Alonzo Brown, 18, and are seeking tips on his whereabouts.kick2n-1-web

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Courtesy of Mad World News

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