A married couple in their 60’s were enjoying a quiet evening at their home in Washington state Tuesday when a group of three thugs knocked at the door. The 62-year-old husband, Harry Lodholm, answered the door before realizing he didn’t recognize the men, but when he tried to slam it shut, the intruders overpowered the door and stormed inside — armed with a gun and a knife.

His 66-year-old wife was reportedly in the bath at the time the horrifying incident began. The thugs beat her husband severely before she got involved and received a cut to her hand in the clash, according to court documents obtained by the News Tribune. The men allegedly restrained the couple by tying them up while they searched the home for valuables to steal.

The couple was momentarily left alone — tied up — while their home was ransacked. This unsupervised moment proved to be huge mistake for the thugs, but an excellent opportunity for the couple.

The heroic husband was able to free himself from the restraints, then he untied his wife. The two escaped to their bedroom, locked the door behind them, retrieved their gun from the lock box, then aimed it at the door.

The suspects soon returned and busted down the bedroom door and Lodholm opened fire on them, hitting one of the robbers, according to Lakewood Police. All three men ran for their lives, proving they aren’t as tough as they pretended to be — attacking an older couple. The struck suspect, later identified as 19-year-old Taijon Voorhees, later died from the gunshot wound after running from the home with the other two suspects, King5 news reported.[WATCH] Thugs Attack Old Couple, Tie Them Up, Then They Get A HUGE Surprise

Police found and arrested Duprea Wilson, 19, in connection to the robbery, which he reportedly described to others as having “gone wrong.” Investigators indicated that the suspects broke into the wrong house looking for drugs and money.

Wilson was ultimately charged with 12 felonies, including first-degree manslaughter, robbery, kidnapping and assault.

This is a precise example of why every American should own a gun and know how to use it. Criminals will always obtain firearms regardless of the law — they’re criminals and by definition don’t care what the “rules” are. With more incidents like this where the homeowner takes charge of their own safety, breaking and entering will likely become more of a game of Russian roulette, hopefully making them think twice about committing the crime.

Watch the report here and interview with the brave couple:

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