Stupid criminal stories are always fun, especially when they involve a pissed off Marine. When a home intruder suspect tried climbing through the window of a Texas home, he had no idea that there would be a Marine on the other side ready to protect his property.

According to KPRC, just after lunch on Monday in Harris County, Marine veteran Dan Reynolds, 31, was home alone when he heard a rustling in the back of his home – the suspect threw a rock through the window.

“I knew somebody was up to no good,” he said.

So the fearless Marine went and grabbed his 12 gauge shotgun, then made his way to the rear of the home to check things out. Reynolds said he didn’t hesitate. When he saw a man in a hoodie trying to climb through the broken window of his home, he pulled the trigger.

“He’s not robbing me,” Reynolds said. “He didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything. I shot him and he fell back out the window and ran away.”

The blast hit the suspect square in the chest, Reynolds said. Unfortunately, the veteran had been robbed three weeks earlier and lost many possessions from his home, so he was already on high alert for a possible second strike.

“Laptops, tablets, stereo, phones, iPods, a  TV,” Reynolds said. Because of that, he wasn’t about to let anybody make their way off with anything else of his.

Like a true Marine, Reynolds said he was carrying his pistol with him as well in case he ran out of shotgun shells. He also said he has zero regrets about shooting the man.

“Some people protect their homes. If you come by and want to rob people that’s what you get. He probably won’t come back, but if he does, we’ll handle that then,” Reynolds said.

Glad to see the Second Amendment once again protected someone and their property. Good job, Marine!

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