Watch What Trump Does When Rally Organizers Try To Cut The National Anthem

Today in “you can’t stump the Trump”…

Donald Trump begins every rally with the national anthem – as any candidate running for President of the United States should. But just the other day he was told he wouldn’t have time for the national anthem during a rally in California.

Well, he made time.

BizPacReview has the scoop:

At a rally in Anaheim, California on Wednesday, Trump started his speech by getting the crowd up to speed, “So, here’s what happened. I got here and they all said we have a great crowd – we don’t have time for the national anthem. I said yes we do, we have time for the national anthem, right?” The crowd cheered.

Trump spoke about meeting the scheduled singer, Sherry Wilkins, backstage before his speech and that she told him the song had been cut “because of the television cameras.”

At any rate, that’s what the organizers thought was going to happen.

“Guess what, we’re gonna do the National Anthem, OK?” Trump told the cheering crowd before introducing the singer.

After the performance, Trump told her she has a “great voice,” before beginning his speech.

Here’s footage from the event of the incident:

Think Obama would do the same? I think he’d be happy with any excuse to skip out on the national anthem.

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