WATCH: Tucker Mops Floor With Muslim Chick Who’s BLAMING Terrorism On AMERICANS!

Tucker Carlson of Fox News brought a woman onto his show that seriously blamed Americans for Islamic jihadist terrorist. His guest was Engy Abdelkader and she is a Professor at Georgetown University who was on the show where they discussed victim blaming. She began by explaining that the Ohio State University and any such similar attack is utterly unacceptable and is unjustifiable. But she railroads from there.

Watch their interaction and interview here,

She goes on to say that islamaphobia can lead to radicalization. Let’s break it down. After the attack the suspect was revealed to have published an article months previous where he expressed sadness and concern that Ohio State University did not provide prayer rooms for Muslims like his other college. And that he feared people’s judgements.

Now this woman is basically saying that because the administration didn’t bend to this mans commands and build prayer rooms he was so hurt that he became radicalized. It is victim blaming at best. Ironically coming from a liberal who hates victim blaming.

There is nobody to blame for this attack other than the attacker themselves. Americans shouldn’t have to live in fear every day that another terrorist attack is going on happen. These liberal immigration policies have allowed a basically open border. Which has allowed an increased level of crime to permeate our streets and cause problems such as these.

Especially considering the fact the Ohio State University attacked was a Muslim refugee from Somalia who had a history of complaining about islamaphobia aand the perceived injustices against Muslims. His death was the most just thing of all. Society will not be economically burdened by his incarceration and the victims get the Justice they so richly deserve for their attacker.

But until policy changes these types of attacks will continue to happen.

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