(From Rare)In this video, Scott Rose and Christopher Rocker describe what the American Flag means, not just for them, but for all Americans.

“Flying the flag over Afghanistan is really a tribute, more of a symbolic tribute, to the 2,341 U.S. service men and women that made that ultimate sacrifice here in Afghanistan,” Rose said. “It’s a symbol of my duty, my commitment, to not only country but our commitment here, what we have done, what we continue to do, those who came before me and those who will come after me.”

“There’s so many differences and variations throughout the United States, throughout American culture, but the flag seems to be what’s totaled up at the bottom. All the right, wrong, indifferent, your view, my view, it’s all wrapped up into that. I can’t think of a more powerful symbol that exists in modern times,” Rocker said.

“I have one flag left — to me it’s a very important one. It’s the one that I’ve saved to the very end for my wife. I’m going to fly it for her. And the importance of it being the last flag flying, kinda is closure for her, it’s the final mission. So that one’s particularly near and dear to my heart,” Rocker added.


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