WATCH: Typical Ferguson Protesters Shred, Stomp On American Flag After Wannabe Cop-Killer Arrested


In true Ferguson fashion, the unemployed leeches desecrated the American flag again. Had they been educated enough they would understand the sacrifices that many Americans made to give them their freedoms today.

This complete lack of respect is by no mistake, and its by no mistake that these savages are unemployed, rioting, shooting police, and getting arrested. Its because they are the true welfare class of America that has seized the opportunity to be lazzy and leach off other for life.

They are not falling on hard times and need government assistance, they have chosen this as a lifestyle and don’t care to contribute to society. The will soak up our hard earned money for life

They will amount to nothing in life and will have a police record longer than their life accomplishments. They have no goals, they are slaves, slaves to the elite blacks like Al sharpton who use them as pawns to push an agenda that is fabricated to push someone else’s ideals.

The cycle will never stop until the black community wakes up to its real problem,  black on black crime. You can only sweep it under the rug for so long, before the problem just compacts and they will have no one left to blame but themselves for ignoring a crisis.

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Andrew Westmoreland (@drewwest_press) March 15, 2015


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