WATCH: Veteran Finally Gets Appointment at VA After 2 year Wait; But There’s Just One Problem


Douglas Chase served his nation honorably in Vietnam, only to come home and face the Obama administration on his death bed. In 2011 he was diagnosed with brain cancer and tried desperately to get appointments from the VA in Bedford, Mass. As years passed his wife Suzanne Chase, finally received the letter from the VA hospital stating he had been given an appointment

The letter from the VA that she received 2 weeks ago was dated June 12, 2014, and offered to treat the Vietnam vet:

“We are committed to providing primary care in a timely manner and would greatly appreciate a prompt response.”  yeah right

There’s one problem, Douglas Chase died 4 months into his 2 year wait time after being neglected for months by the VA while waiting for a simple appointment. When will we rise up and unite against this administration?! think how many untold stories there are out there this is a travesty!

The VA Response shifted blame on recent efforts to correct their widespread scheduling failures:

“As part of the corrective actions taken to address scheduling issues, VA launched the Accelerating Access to Care Initiative, a nationwide program to ensure timely access to care. VA has identified Veterans across the system experiencing waits that do not meet Veterans’ expectations for timeliness. VA has been contacting and scheduling Veterans who are waiting for care. We regret causing any pain in this effort.”

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