WATCH – Viral Video Shows 5 SHOCKING Times Mainstream Media Reported Fake News

Thanks to the liberal mainstream media, there has recently been a proliferation of a narrative of a ‘fake news’ epidemic, which shows no signs of dying down. The gist of these stories is essentially that false news stories have been planted by a foreign actor in order to influence the political affairs of another, and the consequent accusations asserting that the 2016 US presidential election was swayed in favor of Donald Trump by such alleged manipulation of the news by Russia has thrust the issue into the spotlight.

Part of me can’t help but think it’s their only explanation for Trump’s win. Since all the mainstream outlets are strongly (and some openly) anti-Trump, people certainly weren’t voting for the man based on their coverage. Many like myself voted in spite of it.

If we’re really going to talk about fake news, why not consider the mainstream media, which will push any narrative so long as it negatively impacts Trump? Just take a look at the contradictory headlines from a number of liberal outlets below:

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That practically meets my criteria for fake news.

A video if going video showing the top five times the mainstream media reported fake news. Here they are, courtesy of Angry Patriot Movement:

A new viral videos lists just five of the many stories labeled real by the mainstream media and carer politicians in recent weeks. Unfortunately for the Progressive pundits, the stories turned out to be fakes — which cast their loony Liberal ilk in a very unflattering light.

  • The fake rape case published by the Rolling Stone magazine and the editing of George Zimmerman’s 911 tape by NBC, are just two of the examples of fake news passed off as the real deal by major media outlets. It took a lot of time and pressure for the news outlets to admit they had engaged in sham reporting.
  • The Syrian boy in the ambulance went viral for days – many still don’t know the image being touted as the modern day version of the Napalm child image from the Vietnam war was a total hoax. A CNN report shed many tears while reporting on a story which has now been proven to have been staged by a group with alleged links to an organization from the West that creates anti-humanitarian propaganda related to ongoing problems in the Middle East.

And there are countless more examples that could be looked at!

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