(WATCH) Washington State Flies Communist Flag, Patriots Respond Appropriately


From Mad World: The Governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, has a bit of explaining to do after hanging the national flag of a communist nation in front of the state capitol.

Fortunately, it didn’t stay there long, as a few irate patriots came forward and demanded its removal.

The incident came about as China Ambassador Cui Tiankai came for a visit, and in “honor” of his arrival, Inslee thought he’d hang the Chinese flag for everyone to see. However, freedom loving patriots weren’t having Inslee’s brown nosing sentiment and decided to do something about it.

After having their nation disrespected in a such a way, a small group of men went to the building to have the offensive display taken down and brought a member of the Washington State Police with them. Just like that, the flag was taken down and order was restored.

Although politics is a tricky business in order to get what you want both officially and personally, there’s no excuse for hanging another country’s flag alongside our own. In fact, if Inslee likes seeing the crimson red flag so much, there’s a place he can go where it’s often seen – China.
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