There has been a marked increase in the entitlement mentality in America.

That increase is thanks to liberal policies which emphasize a dependence on government for virtually everything

A significant number of people have come to believe that they have somehow earned, or are entitled to, handouts from our benevolent government.

They then become solely dependent upon these handouts.

This dependency on the system can leave people at a loss as to what to do, when that system fails them.

An old video is making the rounds on the interwebs again, showing what can happen when there is a failure in the system that some people have grown entirely dependent upon.

Welfare recipients in Georgia were upset and on the verge of rioting a couple of years ago when the state’s EBT food stamp system crashed temporarily. (H/T UFP)

These people literally have no idea what they are going to do without their monthly handout from the government.

Admittedly, it is tough to find good jobs with which to support a family in President Obama’s economy.

But many of these people haven’t even tried to find work and instead rely completely upon the beneficence of the American taxpayer for their sustenance and survival.

When people only have one option with which to acquire the funds to feed themselves and their families, they will go to extreme measures if that option is denied to them.

Perhaps it is time to reinstate the old “work for welfare” requirements that were put in place during the Clinton administration and which have been waived by Obama.

This requirement that people at least make an attempt to find work while on the welfare system helped teach people that there are other, more responsible options for earning the funds to feed and clothe themselves and their families.

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