(From Mad World News) Wendy Davis just ran an ad that shoots her campaign in the foot in five seconds and even has her Hollywood friends ashamed. Liberal Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and others are condemning the viral ad, calling it deplorable and disgusting.

Wendy Davis has never been without controversy. From her rise to becoming a politician by divorcing a man the day he made her final payment to her law school, to her 20 hour filibuster in Texas which she was recorded wanting to grant abortions for viable fetuses with no endangerment to the mother as late as 9 months which goes against Roe v Wade (which set the trimester in which abortions were legal in the opinion). That earned her the title “Abortion Barbie” which she first embraced and now is condemning as a negative stereotype. She also converted campaign donations to personal use in her many fund-raiser events outside the state including one with the Clinton Foundation in New York.

Ms. Davis must have had a boost of confidence when the federal court ruled the voter ID laws were “racist.” Her office decided to run a campaign ad that has Q-Political stating:

And there you have it. Wendy Davis just Dick Cheyenne’ed her campaign (shot in the face). We can’t help but ask ‘why’.

Wendy Davis ran an anti-Abbot campaign ad that is going viral in which the first five seconds has her attacking Greg Abbott’s Wheel Chair? What did she expect when the first 5 sec of an add starts with “A tree fell on Abbott?”

For those outside the state of Texas, her opponent was hurt in an accident while he was jogging and broke his back paralyzing him for the rest of his life. It doesn’t matter what she said in the rest of the ad, she just attacked a mans disability in 5 seconds flat.

One individual tweeted about it and drew attention from the news media after looking at the ad being condemned by Democrat Senators, Hollywood, Democrat Governors, and angering people nation wide.


The tweet drew the attention of Q-Political and Politico who also wrote in their astonishment that someone would literally attack a paraplegic weeks before the voting.

[quote_box_center]The only explanation that comes to mind is that Wendy Davis’ marketing staff understood the risks, accepted it, and used the high chances of this going viral, to their benefit… or so they thought. We understand the hope for this to go viral, and it will. But no one will look past this personal and offensive jab. If Wendy Davis was 100% right about everything she says against Abbott after the first 5 seconds, it won’t matter after the public hears what happens right before. ~Q-Political[/quote_box_center]

Even famous actors that contributed to her campaign with fundraisers in California for a Texas Governors race were astonished.

[quote_box_center] Greg Abbott has a pretty odd record for someone with a disability. That said Wendy Davis ‘s ad indefensibly mocks Abbott being paralyzed.

I disagree with Greg Abbot on most issues important to me. I had high hopes for Ms. Davis as a moderate dem. quite frankly neither should be Governor. This was an inexcusable. ~Montel Williams[/quote_box_center]

We expect mud-slinging from politicians, but it is hard to excuse attacking a disability from either party. Perhaps it is time for the Davis supporters to read up on Kathie Glass if they can’t seem to vote Abbot and want to back an independent woman for governor. After all, Davis just proved what she stands for again, and it is selfish ambition and not Texas or her people.

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