WATCH What Happened To Latina Trump Supporter Right After Donald Publicly Thanked Her

From Western Journalism

After appearing on stage with Donald Trump during his rally in Tuscon, Ariz., Betty Rivas, a Latina who is considering Trump for president, has faced numerous instances of harassment at her business and over social media.

The situation escalated after Rivas posted a picture of her with Trump on her Facebook page. According to Rivas, some of her friends didn’t agree with her choice for president and began sharing the picture across social media, creating a hostile environment for her family and her business.

Just during an interview with KGUN, Rivas received several dozen harassing phone calls at her family restaurant Sammy’s Mexican Grill, which she owns along with her husband, Jorge. Despite being Latina, Rivas has been called a racist, a variety of vulgar names, and has had threats made against her business.

Rivas has expressed shock over these turn of events, particularly because she has yet to decide who she is voting for. When Bernie Sanders visited Tuscon, Rivas attended his rally as well and held up a similar sign.

“I haven’t done anything wrong; I have the right to say what I’m thinking — I can go listen to Hillary, I can go listen to Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders because I’m within my right. I didn’t do anything wrong,” said RIvas.

Anti-Trump attacks are nothing new, as protesters have consistently attended Trump rallies and have railed against the candidate on social media. More recently, these efforts have escalated in size and scope, causing one Trump rally to be shut down and safety concerns being raised at others. Going after potential supporters, however, seems to be a new dimension of attack.

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