Watch What Happens When Liberal Brat Demands Black Lives Matter Credit Cards– INSTANT SMACKDOWN!

The stupid with this is off the charts. Wells Fargo has a special service it offers to their customers (other than stealing their money with monthly fees), they allow their customers to personalize their credit and debit card with images “that reflect what’s important to you”.

For some that means a family photo, a picture of a family pet, some even choose to use some of their kid’s artwork from choose, because the choice is theirs. In fact “the choice is yours” is what the massive bank advertises on its website.

So with that, Rachel Nash from Baltimore city who is a schoolmaster decided to make a statement with her image request…for her Wells Fargo Cards.

So she created a design for her card that featured a raised fist and three words “Black Lives Matter”

It’s probably good for you to know that Rachel Nash is white, and when Freddie Gray’s death hit the news she ironed “Black Lives Matter” wording onto a gray tank top and wore it to school.

Again wanting to make a statement…because that’s what she does when the pressures of society are too much for her to bare. Because…it hurts to be triggered all the time.

Or something like that.


What she was actually doing was signaling to students that she is suppose to set the example for is when you don’t get your way, throw a fit instead of learning a better way to deal with things. Also, never use facts to make decisions.

Now the teach says she’s fed up with white people who freely treat black youth with little respect in front of her, and she wants to push those conversations to anyone and everyone she would possibly hand her card over to…cashiers, pizza delivery dudes…etc. etc.

This woman has lost her damn mind. The reality she has made up in her mind does not exist and she is fully committed to making an utter fool of herself…this, the woman who is a teacher of children.


“A lot of white people in Baltimore have really problematic views about race, and they feel like because I’m a white person I agree with them automatically,” Nash, 29, said. “This is one way I can demonstrate regularly that I am not complicit in whatever their views are.”

Why is it the only people calling America racist are the only people that are actually racist?

Anyhow, Wells Fargo rejected her design, and now it’s gotten messy, as you can imagine.

She is butt hurt and of course decided to call customer service to find out why her design was rejected..

But Wells Fargo rejected her design.

Two days after she submitted her image online, Nash received an email Thursday morning informing her that her design did not meet the company’s guidelines.

“As soon as I said ‘Black Lives Matter,’ [the customer service agent] said, ‘Oh, that’s why it got rejected.’ She said Wells Fargo ‘didn’t want to be associated with any antisocial or offensive organizations.’ “

Classic liberal idiot move…make everything about themselves. This is about Wells Fargo being racist, instead about Wells Fargo simply not wanting to be associated with such a controversial organization.

They don’t want to get political, they just want their customers to be able to have pictures of loved ones or hobbies…not a freaking political statement.

Wells Fargo’s company policy states: “prohibits political and trademarked or copyrighted images”

So this white teacher hell bent on making a black lives matter statement is way out of line.

What are you thoughts on this? Do you think Wells Fargo is right to deny this request?

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