WATCH What Happens When A Guy Holds up ‘All Lives Matter’ Sign in Black Neighborhood (VIDEO)

This video is crazy! While I disagree with the ‘science’ of it, it nonetheless reveals how violent Black Lives Matter is. Before I show you the video I want you to understand that Black Lives Matter movement has much less to do with black people than a movement to completely destroy America and change it into something it’s not.

Black Lives Matter released the platform demanding that ALL police departments be de-funded, race-based reparations for something that happened hundreds of years ago that has zero to do with any living person now, voting rights should be given illegal immigrants (unheard of anywhere else in the world), an end to private education and charter schools (as if the educational system didn’t suck enough in this country but they trust in the ‘system’ of public schools just not cops, a “universal basic income,” which is already provided to millions of Americans called welfare and free college for blacks (not anyone else’s responsibility to pay for this but you).

So basically a guy stands on the sidewalk with a Black Lives Matter sign and not much happens. THEN he stands on the sidewalk with an All Lives Matter sign and all havoc breaks loose. People start behaving as if he has just said the worst insult about their mother. One guy even yelled “all lives don’t matter, only black lives matter”. That’s a pretty scary prospect when you have groups of people who start believing lives don’t matter.

After I watched the video I read the comments and commented on a few. My jaw is hitting the floor reading how uneducated some of the commenters were… one of them believes America has had slavery for 600 years. I suggested he try simple math 2016-1492= NOT 600. Then someone mentioned that whites invented racism and I had to point out who sold blacks into slavery from Africa to the British. Check out the video… based on the videos of Black Lives Matter riots the past 2 years I am not surprised:


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