Watch What Happens As Soon As Mouthy Celebs Start Trashing TRUMP On Stage! AWESOME!

The Golden Globes awards ceremony was last night, and Meryl Streep made an emotional speech to her leftist friends in the audience tonight (a.k.a., nearly the entire audience) during it. It sure took a lot of courage to go up on stage and recite the only acceptable views within Hollywood.

She’s been an open Hollywood liberals for decades, and what Streep and her ilk fail to recognize is that we weren’t just rejecting Hillary when we elected Donald J. Trump, we were rejecting the arrogant leftism of Hollywood.

Here’s her speech in its entirety:

Of course, there were just a feeeeeeew conservatives in the audience, and their reaction to her speech was priceless.


Mediaite comments:

Two well-known Hollywood conservatives who were in the room also weren’t exactly feeling Streep’s address. And at one point, the camera panned on them and we got this reaction shot.

Yep. Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson, who worked together on the war film Hacksaw Ridge, didn’t look thrilled with what Streep was saying.

Once they were shown on screen, we got a decent amount of reaction on Twitter to their expressions.


Trust me, my reaction wasn’t much different.

Isn’t everyone sick of listening to arrogant, clueless Hollywood celebrities pretending that they’re educating us?

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