HOLY CRAP! Watch What Just Happened When a Lady Told Sheriff Clarke, “Take His Hat Off”— MIC DROP!

Sheriff Clarke has just sent out a tweet that pretty much takes the cake for … best response ever to a Trump hater. I mean…this is solid gold.

Sheriff Clark tweets a picture of him and he’s wearing a “TRUMP Make America Great Again” hat. The epic part though is the story that goes along with that Tweet, and that hat.

He didn’t just post a picture of himself wearing the hat for the heck of it so his followers could see him. No, he posted the picture on Twitter to show conservatives how you respond to a Trump hating liberal who can’t mind their own business.

Especially when they come at you when you’re trying to get your exercise on and working on your ‘healthy’ like this woman happen to do….she’s just too much man.

I mean, we’re talking an attack on his freedom of speech, if anyone is going to go around trying to stop people from their right to freedom of speech, the LAST person they want to pick as their victim is going to be Sheriff Clarke. This lady is not that bright obviously.

This truly is one of the many reasons we love this guy. There just isn’t any other person who tell the truth quite like he does, there is some way he has about it.

Which is why we love the guy, right?

Here is what his tweet said…prepare to be surprisingly delighted.

“Lady came up, told me I should take this hat off. Told her she should go get her money back for her ugly haircut. That ended THAT! Mic drop!”


With that…I shall exit right stage and call it a day.


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