Watch What These Nasty Liberals Just Did When a Pastor Gives The Pledge of Allegiance And Prayer

Videos have been circulating the internet of liberals being insubordinate and causing unrest at local town hall meetings with their Representatives and Senators. Just watch below to see their ludicrous and embarrassing behavior. They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

While they say they are not paid protestors their actions seem to indicate otherwise. Their actions also indicate they are not their to get answers but instead to simply yell, vent, and let out their frustrations. This is not the purpose of town halls. Their purpose is to create and sustain meaningful and productive discourse.

In one particular town hall they could not even finish praying before people started interfering. They can be loudly heard interrupting in the background as the Senator attempts to speak. Many people have been crying out for these town hall meetings insisting they have a right as constituents. Which they do.

However, their actions seem to show they don’t want town hall meetings to ask questions about where these public servants stand but to instead grandstand for the attention the media gives them. That is not productive and cohesive dialogue being created. Nothing is achieved through this discourse accept more divisiveness.

It certainly does not help when the mainstream media glorifies such gross behavior by plastering the videos put online all over their high profile outlets. Furthermore, in writing articles that excuse their bad behavior and instead blame it on the government officials. They are nothing more than pimps for their constituents to perpetuate fake news.

If these public servants were so unpopular they would not have been elected into office. Whether people want to admit it or not. The election is over, it is time to move on and let the work get done that needs to be done. But expecting liberals to do that is like wishing for a snowball in hell.

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