Many Michael Brown supporters–including those in the mainstream media– claim their cause is about starting an open dialogue about racism in America.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t really seem to be true. If it were, then racism in all of its forms would be condemned, and the media would be drawing attention to all of these awful acts going down across the country, such as the tragic execution of a 12-year-old white boy from Georgia who was ruthlessly gunned down by a black man.

Strangely, all the voices of outrage are completely silent.

From DownTrend:

A police report obtained by WJCL states that Keith Passmore, 12, was fatally shot while sitting inside a pick-up truck on Vicksburg Drive.

The report says the boy sat inside the truck with Christopher Martin, 20, outside of a house party. That’s when a black male, dressed in all black, approached the truck, banged on the passenger door and said “open up.” Martin told the boy to not open the door and started the vehicle. That’s when the gunman opened fire, and Martin hit the gas. Martin said that once he reached Skidaway he yelled to the boy, who didn’t answer and was slumped over in the passenger seat.

Here’s the question this brings to mind: Why does Mike Brown being shot by a white police officer matter more to the media and race hustlers than a young white boy getting shot by a black thug?

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The answer is simple. It destroys the racially divisive narrative perpetrated by race hustlers who use stuff like the Mike Brown shooting to line their pockets and further their progressive political agenda.

If folks like Al Sharpton were to come out and condemn all forms of racism, that would unify America. There’s no money to be made when Americans stand shoulder to shoulder, caring about each other as human beings rather than races.

Democrats would have a much harder time keeping their grip over minority voters if cases like Passmore’s got more attention and received condemnation from black leaders. It’s sick and sad, but unfortunately it’s true.

Also, it’s important to note that in the wake of this senseless murder, you don’t see throngs of people in the streets of Georgia burning their community down to the ground, looting businesses, or throwing bottles of urine at police. Just an observation.

Let’s hope that Passmore’s killer is caught and justice is served, despite the silence from the media.
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