WATCH: WHOOPIE And The Liberal Trash on ‘The View’ DEMAND Trump Step Down Over This…

The View is known for their loud, obnoxious and overly opinionated women who have not achieved much in life but have no problem criticizing everything and everyone else. They have never stopped criticizing President Elect Donald Trump. While they had the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton as well as Senator Bernie Sanders on they never once had the President Elect on.

Now the View ladies are perpetuating this false lie that the CIA investigation has finally concluded that hackers that were Russian attempted to sway the election in Trump’s favor allowing him to win. Watch the entire conversation below.

Behar insinuated that hackers also looked into the RNC emails as well and nobody reported on them to the media which must mean that Republicans were in cahoots with Russian hackers and that is why only dirt came out on the Democrat’s. It could have nothing to do with the fact that Republican’s have not done anything shady or illegal. That would be blasphemy to think.

The ladies were upset that Donald Trump once said at a rally he hopes Russian hackers could find the 30,000 missing emails that Clinton deleted. They were so shocked he would encourage that. Forgetting that the President Elect was being facetious. They then mocked campaign manager Kellyanne Conway for calling these allegations fake news. Goldberg took a low blow and called Conway herself fake news. Despite the fact, as one of the women said, she is appearing on the show later in the week.

They all went on, led by Baher, to say that we are at risk from Trump and that he should step down before the inauguration in a few months. Insisting that he is trying to undermine the CIA, who is geared and working towards protecting our safety, a major governmental agency of this country.

Clearly these progressive whackos are as delusional as ever.

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