WATCH: Woman Raped On NYC Subway, But What Passengers Did Was Worse


Mad World News: After an evening out with friends in the Bronx, a young woman took the subway downtown to meet up with her boyfriend. It was about 4 am and she had been drinking, so she dozed off on the train before she was awoken in the worst way possible.

A dirty middle-aged man had rammed his hand up her skirt and was trying to kiss her face, but what had been happening before she finally woke up was worse.

The sexual assault victim, 21-year-old Elisa Lopez, punched her attacker square in the face, then took off. There were other bystanders watching the abuse take place, but nobody did a thing, except for one man who was right by the woman.

Brooklyn resident Jasheem Smiley had the power to stop the man groping the girl, but instead he chose to only take action by filming the entire attack. Smiley uploaded his 18 minute clip of the grotesque molestation taking place, and it earned the him a lot of backlash for having done nothing to save the sleeping woman from the sexual assault.

According to the Daily Mail, Lopez was unaware of how far the man had gone, or how long he had been getting his creep on her before she woke up to him in her face, until a coworker sent her a link to Smiley’s infamous video. Seeing for herself what had happened, she was “sick to her stomach,” as she described, and ultimately spiraled into depression with suicidal thoughts.

The victim launched an online campaign to track down the depraved middle-aged pervert, later identified as 43-year-old Carlos Chuva, using Smiley’s grainy cellphone video and zoomed in screen grabs of Chuva’s nasty face. Now two years after the attack, the molester was arrested in Queens, New York on Thursday and charged with first-degree felony aggravated sexual assault, Gothamist reported.

WATCH: Man Rapes Woman On NYC Subway, But What Passengers Did Was Worse
Subway Sicko: Carlos Chuva


Even though Smiley’s footage ultimately led to the sick man’s arrest, instant justice would have been better at the time, but the coward with a camera addressed all of his haters in another video where he went on record to defend his passive action, claiming it was the safer option for him — never mind the girl with a gross man’s hand up her skirt — since he wasn’t sure if the assailant had a knife or a gun on him.

“There were 10 other people on the train that didn’t do anything,” he explained. “I was the one that did the most.”

But it still wasn’t enough. This woman could have been spared the extent of the assault she endured, if Smiley had acted like a man and knocked Chuva out himself, instead of letting it go as far as it did. Smiley did add that once the groper got away, he notified the train conductor of the sexual assault and also took the video to police. But he claims the police didn’t do much until his video attracted a lot of media attention. Continue Reading


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