Read the comments on their Facebook post at the bottom to see the public outcry, I wouldnt want to be known as the person taking any money from a wounded veteran, yikes!

From ABC 7: CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. — Yesterday we told you about local veteran Terry Lynn opting to go to jail rather than give up some of his VA disability check to his ex-wife. The reaction locally and online has been tremendous. There has also been reaction from Lynn’s ex-wife.

Lynn spent Wednesday night behind bars at the Charlotte County Jail, saying he was taking a stand for all veterans. Thursday, ABC 7 talked to his wife Kathy, who says it’s not all what it seems.

Lynn’s only form of income is VA disability, which federal law says is exempt from being owed to anyone. A local judge though says Lynn owes alimony. “I don’t believe the American people want to be paying for people who didn’t serve and didn’t support the veterans while they were serving.”

According to our Facebook page, he’s right. The internet exploded with reaction, nearly all in his favor.

“Terrible! She is not a veteran or disabled, she has no right to that money,” said one commenter. “Good for you Mr. Veteran. Hang in there. She has no right to your VA money,” said another.

Of course there are usually a few sides to every story.

“Honestly, it makes me sick to my stomach,” says Kathy Lynn, the ex-wife. She says their marriage of nearly 18 years fell apart because of many of the reasons most do, and it wasn’t her choice. To sum it up, she says she herself is sick and doesn’t have anything; that just because she married a disabled veteran shouldn’t leave her with nothing.

“I’ve been married to the guy for 17 years. I’ve been to every doctor’s appointment with him. I have been by his side when we had nothing. He lived out of his truck when I met him.”

She says the money was never up to her. “The judge is the one who made the decision. I didn’t make that decision.”

A judge did reduce Terry Lynn’s bond Thursday morning.



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