WATCH: Wounded Warriors who OWN IT!

The most motivational video ever produced


Watch Entire Video, you will be amazed!

Most of you know my background, but for those of you who do not, I was wounded in Iraq on September 11, 2004. Instantly my life changed and forever it would last. My legs and hand were tore from my body in a split second, and as I lay on the ground among the chaos of rockets impacting around me, the only thing I thought about was being home in the United States. The great country we call home is like no other place on earth, its not perfect but its a damn good place to call home and be proud of.

There is so much bull taking place in DC these days and it’s because we have leaders who are not qualified to lead, they are qualified for their jobs as lawyers, CEO’s and community organizers, but not leaders of the people. We need leaders who have been where the rubber meets the road, not just a desk jockey who’s pushed his/her pen their entire life.

Our military members are some of the most educated [more educated than the general public] and courageous people in our country. After watching this amazing video it truly depicts the drive, determination, resilience, and love we have for our country. If our nation doesn’t begin electing  more of our military members to office soon, we will continue to see a decline in our country and veteran programs.

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