WATCH: “You’re A German, You’re Nothing!” Migrant Filmed Assaulting & Bullying German Teen

The debate over the refugee crisis has waged on for some time. Most people are split between wanting to let refugees into the country while others are opposed. One of the greatest fears among the public is that terrorists will disguise themselves as refugees, who often lack the necessary paperwork to pass through immigration, and commit violence on the home front. However, the United States isn’t the only country taking issue with refugees. Recent footage indicates that some Germans have been having issues with migrants.

A YouTube video was posted in which a migrant boy is seen physically assaulting and bullying a German boy. The migrant chastises the young German boy for being annoying and then compares him to a girl. The boys nose begins to bleed and the young migrant can be heard taunting him saying, “I eat something like you for breakfast, why are you crying that was a simple slap you peasant?”

The harassment in the video continues. “You’ve never heard of honor, you’re a German you’re nothing!” he proclaimed. While the German boy can be heard muttering something the the migrant violently responds, “shut the f**k up, how dare you talk back to me! next time I’m going to bloody your eye — I will stab it out if I feel like it! I don’t take something like you seriously — you’re a dog! When I say ‘bark’ you will bark the next time! Have I made myself clear?”

The video is reminiscent of a previous video in March of a different German boy being beaten up by another migrant. Another instance similar to those occurred to a Finnish boy. Breitbart reported in February that German parents were pulling their children out of school because of unruly and disruptive migrant children who were allegedly bullying native Germans in class.

By Rory Grant for Freedom Daily

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