Insurgency supporters in Afghanistan continue to receive American, taxpayer-funded contracts and the U.S. Army refuses to do anything about it, according to a government watchdog report sent to Congress.

“This quarter, I must once again reiterate my concerns about the policies of the U.S. Army’s suspension and debarment program,” said John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), in SIGAR’s October 2014 quarterly report to Congress.

“As I have pointed out in our last six quarterly reports, the Army’s refusal to suspend or debar supporters of the insurgency from receiving [American] government contracts because the information supporting these recommendations is classified is not only legally wrong, but contrary to sound policy and national-security goals,” continued the 276-page report from the agency in charge of auditing the U.S. government’s Afghanistan war reconstruction efforts.

SIGAR noted that the U.S. Army continues to refuse to prohibit backers of the Afghanistan insurgency, which is responsible for the death of over 2,200 American soldiers, from obtaining contracts funded by American taxpayers.

“I remain troubled by the fact that our government can and does use classified information to arrest, detain, and even kill individuals linked to the insurgency in Afghanistan, but apparently refuses to use the same classified information to deny those same individuals their right to obtain contracts with the U.S. government,” reported SIGAR. “There is no logic to this continuing disparity. I continue to urge the Secretary of Defense and Congress to change this misguided policy and to impose common sense on the Army’s suspension and debarment program.”

The Suspension and Debarment Program is the American Army’s mechanism for prohibiting dishonest or poor-performing contractors from receiving new Army contracts.

Courtesy of Brietbart

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