DISGUSTING! Liberal Protesters Attack Wheelchair Trump Supporter – WATCH

Liberals are the only people who will preach love and tolerance as they’re punching you in the face.

We constantly hear from the media about violence at Trump rallies, but they never seem to specify the source of the violence. Of course – if they admitted that it’s the anti-Trump attendees inciting the violence it would contradict the narrative they wish to present to the American public.

The anti-Trump loon-jobs appear to be in competition to be the most degenerate, and as The American Mirror reports, we may finally have a gold medalist:

Some protesters even threw water bottles and water at the Trump supporters as they walked along a sidewalk leading to the Albuquerque Convention Center.

Dereck Scott of Albuquerque was among those who were hit with a plastic bottle.

Scott, who is in a wheelchair, said the attack was unprovoked and unnecessary. He says he has a right to vote for the candidate he prefers.

According to the AP, protesters chanted “walk of shame” as the thousands of Trump supporters made their way into the rally.

Gabrielle Burkhart of KRQE tweeted two videos that appear to show the assault and the reaction of the man in the wheelchair:

Want to know why you haven’t heard of this one? Because the man in the wheelchair isn’t a Democrat.

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