Welcome Home Troops, America Is Not What It Was When You Deployed


Welcome home troops. Well, at least it’s a catchy phrase. Welcome to the harsh reality of a country where illegal aliens are welcomed, while at the same time 48,000 OEF/OIF veterans are homeless. Our veterans are returning home to fight another war, Obamanomics. Blue states have a larger income inequality gap under Obama. Although the brutality is nationwide, the new counter culture does not share it’s weight of traditional American values.

The military being purged, dismantled, and forced early retirements were only the beginning in our new apocalyptic America. The Veterans Benefits Administration’s disability backlog is still a complete nightmare for our returning veterans. The Veterans Health Administration is over crowded and killing veterans. Priorities? Well, this depends on the value system our Executive Branch upholds to it’s most deserving citizens. It’s boldly clear as daylight, socialism is inhumane and contradicts American traditionalism.

Obama does not respect strong foreign policy, geo politics, creating the possibility of World War 3. The Muslim brotherhood appeasement, the gay agenda, the feminist movement, unaffordable private insurance premiums, highest unemployment record in American history, empowering everything to be about ethnicity, targeting Christians who vote for limited federal power (Tea Partiers like myself), and implementing UN’s Agenda 21 on American soil.
[pull_quote_left]This Obama Regime is a living nightmare for our returning veterans. The Senate tries to push dirty veteran bills, which Congress cannot vote on because it will overwhelm The Department of Veteran Affairs. It’s clearly not a funding problem, it’s reform problem.[/pull_quote_left]

Are we now going to reform The Department of Veteran Affairs? S.2013 – Department of Veterans Affairs Management Accountability Act of 2014, will hold VA upper management accountable for its failure. Let’s take a look at the 41 Republican cosponsors, in comparison to the 11 Democrat cosponsors. 

If you ask the question why Senate Democrats are hesitant to cosponsor this bill, one probable cause would be the AFGE union.

The days of blue dog democrats are dead. These liberal progressives are nothing more than tactical communists. Our society is brainwashed with every news outlet talking about racial issues, as if this is real news. The American civilian world carries very little integrity, in comparison to our returning veterans. The blame partially falls under modern secularism, which is nothing more than a form of religion. When everybody comes down from their degeneration of substance abuse and trash television, they wake up and assimilate to the cultural Marxism which Obama, The Great Divider, has spread throughout the land.

Veterans do not carry a voice in modern America, only the power elites have a voice, amongst the Obama Regime’s agenda. Their agenda equates to money. Never forget, you’re all racist and blame Bush. 

Written by contributor Joshua Ferguson

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