Welfare Family Headed on Taxpayer-Funded Vacation, And They Want You to Know Where They’re Going


From The Conservative Tribune:  There’s nothing like taking a vacation to get away from it all, and for many honest, hard-working families, it takes a lot of planning and saving to make such a vacation happen.

But others choose to take a more dishonest route to “earning” a vacation — a route that often shows contempt for those hard-working families.

Case in point: Cheryl Prudham, 33, and her partner, Robert. The British couple will be taking their 11 children to Las Vegas for a well-earned vacation — on the taxpayers’ dime.

British taxpayers will foot the bill, estimated to cost around $15,000. The family will stay at the Circus Circus hotel and, while in Vegas, the couple will get married. The bride-to-be will wear a $1,500 designer gown, also courtesy of British taxpayers (H/T Western Journalism).

It is being reported the couple’s combined income is roughly £60,000, or almost $90,000. Generally, the British government places a $38,000 cap on benefits, but Robert puts in enough hours to earn a working tax credit.

This isn’t the first time the family has taken an all-expense paid vacation. Last year they went to Mallorca, Spain, a trip that cost around $11,000.

Prudham obviously knows how to work the system. Pregnant with her 12th child, she said, “We’re good at making babies … and I get more in benefits with every child I have, so I can afford a big family.”

Prudham also said in an interview what doesn’t “feel bad about using taxpayers’ money. We’re entitled to a holiday.” An unnamed source told The U.K. Daily Star Prudham believes she’s “earned” the vacation and she’s “laughing all the way to the bank — or Las Vegas, in this case.”

We’ve reported about welfare abusers before and it’s just as infuriating in Britain as it is everywhere else.

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