Watch What Obama Welfare Leech Does After Trump Cancel Her Food Stamps

Under the Obama administration entitlement benefits and access to them skyrocketed. The new healthcare bill was meant to help decrease access to those entitlement benefits for those who did not really need them. Now that the Trump administration is cracking down on welfare fraud the Obama era leeches are getting pissed off. Look at the video below to see one of them and their reaction to being cut off from their taxpayer funded entitlement benefits,

People should not be allowed to freeload off of the American taxpayers. The entitlement mentality and culture permeates the mind and thereby our society. In the long run, we will only be hurt by it. This YouTube video goes to show just how far the entitlement culture has gone.

The video shows a woman who has utilized welfare benefits brag about how she has never had a job. Imagine, bragging about working only a few days in your life. It is disgusting. President Obama put her on the dole and President Trump took her off. Now that she is off of her food stamps and they have been taken away she is raging against the administration.

News flash, those benefits are there for people who need them who are in dire straights. They are meant for people who are down on their luck but working hard to get back up. Clearly not this woman. She deserves to have it taken away because she is stealing it from people who sincerely do. In fact, what she is doing is really criminal.

Not only is President Trump ensuring these benefits aren’t a drain on our national budget but he is single-handedly dismantling the entitlement mentality and culture that was instituted under the Obama administration. No more. This is one way he is going to make America great again.

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