Welfare Leeches Left JAW DROPPED After Judge Finishes Laying SMACK DOWN for $2.3 Million Welfare Fraud (VIDEO)



From Mad World: There’s no arguing that welfare abuse has taken our nation by the balls and continues to be a serious problem here in America. However, as the life cycle of liberals depend upon being able to give away “free money,” it has yet to be resolved.

Fortunately for us, one parasitic couple, who stole over $2 million, got exactly what they deserved after a judge indicated “enough is enough.”

Bernard Le-Uh, 44, and Monica Le-Uh, 33, own the Nicben African Caribbean Market Plus in Glendale, Arizona. They were responsible in taking over 2.3 million taxpayer dollars between November of 2010 and March of 2014. According to KPHO, the FBI was able to ascertain that “the owners would fraudulently charge the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) for cash and split the money with the SNAP recipient.”

Welfare Leeches Just Got KICKED In The Teeth After Judge Lays SMACK DOWN

After the FBI had conducted their investigation, the couple was promptly arrested and was only recently sentenced – and justice, most certainly, prevailed.

KPHO reports that Bernard was charged with fraudulent schemes and artifices, money laundering, and two counts of unlawful use of food stamps. For that, he was hit with a four-year prison sentence to be followed up with an additional three years of probation.

Monica, on the other hand, was charged with one count of fraudulent schemes and artifices and earned herself two years behind bars with an additional two years of probation. On top of it all, the two were also ordered to pay back every penny they illegally leeched.

As these two got exactly what they deserved, it can’t be expressed strongly enough that this needs to happen more often. Too many times the law turns a blind eye to what is happening or lets offenders off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

If the parasites of our society actually feared the consequences of their actions and were actually faced with a few years without freedom of any kind, maybe they’d think twice before stealing from taxpayers.


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