Obama-Loving Welfare Queen Mouth Off in Court – Gets a BRUTAL SMACKDOWN from Judge (VIDEO)

via CP: After stealing a car and going on a joyride, three teenage thugs were arrested for their crimes. When they appeared in court, they decided to turn the proceedings into a chaotic circus with an insane outbursts, but the judge was in no mood for their games.

According to Mad World News, it all started with three 15 year-old punks stealing a car and leading police on a high speed chase. When it was over, the hoodlums were arrested and brought before a judge in Broward County, Florida.

The group was facing charges like burglary, grand theft auto, and fleeing and eluding police, and the judge sentenced suspect Maurice Thomas to 21 days in detention. That’s when things got messy.

Thomas responded to the sentence by throwing a hissy-fit of epic proportions, prompting his friends to do the same. WSVN Channel 7 News reported:

The ruling did not go over well with his friends and family. 7 News cameras captured a young woman dancing while another lashed out at a guard with obscenities. Meanwhile, suspect Dontavious Butler flashed two rows of gold teeth for the camera.

Unfortunately for the thugs, however, their outburst backfired in a big way. Instead of sending them to detention, the judge instead ordered Thomas and Butler to spend five days in an actual jail for contempt of court. They will then spend 21 days in a juvenile detention center.

Might want to keep your mouths shut next time, boys!

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